Ancient Hunger Available For Members

A brand new 10-chapter novella, following on from the Victorian erotic novel, Sexual Sorcery, is now available on Mystic Erotica for all members.

Ancient Hunger sees Catherine Wolseley pursuing an ancient statue in the rural villages of England – where not all are as innocent and respectable as they seem. Miss Wolseley is unfazed by the eccentric collector and his neurotic wife, by the school mistress with a taste for discipline, or by the wanton innkeeper’s daughter. But the Swedish diplomat, Captain Adler, is as intriguing as the ancient statue itself, and in a sense, she suspects, she may have met her match.

This new erotic story introduces several new characters who will feature in future novels – the handsome spy, Captain Adler; the wanton young village girl, Hettie; and a vicar with a supernatural secret.

A hot taste of the carnal secrets hidden behind village doors is available here – a most unusual lesson being taught in the village school house by the severe schoolmistress.