Charity and Deception Now Available

An impoverished actress approaches arrives at the door of the Greenwich Foundation for the Support and Betterment of Destitute Women, begging that she will do anything to escape poverty. And they are only too happy to find han an opportunity to impress the charity’s patrons.

But neither the actress nor the charity are what they seem, for the Foundation’s benefactors have a scandalous passion for assisting beautiful young women, its organizers have a sinister plan to exploit their lascivious benefactors, and the actress is, herself no mere helpless waif….

In Sexual Sorcery, readers encounter Catherine Wolseley and her most capable assistant, Emma Ferriss. But how did the two come to work together, and how did Emma come to develop her talent for seductive espionage, and enter into the scandalous lifestyle that she now enjoys? This prequel, looking back two years to the pair’s first investigation together, shows how this began.

As the story unfolds, new readers to the series will be introduced to these two remarkable women, and to the world of secret societies and dark mysteries that Catherine Wolseley inhabits.

Those already familiar with the series will get more of a sense of these two key characters, with both answers to questions raised in Sexual Sorcery, and perhaps hints at some new mysteries – with a first introduction to Mr Vine (who appears again in Sorcerer’s Proposal) and, more obliquely, with shadows of broader conspiracies in the occult underworld of Victorian London.

Charity and Deception is only a fraction of the length of Sexual Sorcery and Sorcerer’s Proposal – it is just a few chapters long. But as a prequel and companion to those books, it adds extra background two the characters and conspiracies, and as a story in its own right it offers a fast-paced and debauched introduction to the series – with the mystery unfolding alongside scenes of voyeurism, seduction and group sex.

Mystic Erotica members can read the story in its entirety online. Those wishing to own the book can buy it exclusively for Kindle, on Amazon.