Deadly Adultery Now Available

A wedding-day murder leads two detectives to unravel a two-hundred year old mystery. Spanning 1930s gangsters and whores, 1950s millionaires, 1970s swingers, and modern day group sex, this tale of adultery, voyeurism, exorcism, and evil from beyond the grave, unfolds in 16 chapters of filthy, hot sex. Deadly Adultery, a full length erotic novel, is now available for Kindle.

Two detectives arrive at the scene of a murder, an up-market hotel where a wealthy young man lies butchered on his wedding day. But when a hotel full of guests provides no witnesses and forensics provide no clues, the straight-forward case seems to hit a dead end. Then when a sexy young researcher agrees to help out, a tale emerges of a string of similar killings that extend back for years. And when a tip-off comes in from an unlikely source – a self-proclaimed exorcist with a string of charges for fraud on his record – the case takes a turn for the stranger.

As the investigators contend with their own troubled love-lives, the researcher’s lusty desires, and the exorcist’s pursuit of what he claims is a predatory demon in the body of a sexy young woman, there unfolds a tale of sex and murder that spans the centuries, and bridges the gap between this world and the next.

Members of Mystic Erotica can read the whole erotic novel online, and those wishing to own the book can download it for Kindle.

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