Demon Sex Now Available For Members

A young woman’s curiosity leads her into a diabolical conspiracy, in a story of lust, power and hellish forces. Following her from the back room of an occult bookstore, through a blasphemous ritual in a chapel and to the dark woods where a young woman lies chained to an altar, her quest for forbidden knowledge becomes a dark odyssey of sex and betrayal.

Demon Sex is a tale of mystery and the occult, filled with duplicity and depraved lust, climaxing in a night of explosive sex for two women and their unholy admirers around a diabolical altar.

To learn to control men through dark magic is a tempting prospect for young Freya Campbell. But can she trust the older woman who is offering to teach her? What price must she pay?

Mystic Erotica members can read the novella in its entirety online.