Demon Sex

A young woman’s curiosity leads her into a diabolical conspiracy, in a story of lust, power and hellish forces. Following her from the back room of an occult bookstore, through a blasphemous ritual in a chapel and to the dark woods where a young woman lies chained to an altar, her quest for forbidden knowledge becomes a dark odyssey of sex and betrayal.

Demon Sex is a tale of mystery and the occult, filled with duplicity and depraved lust, climaxing in a night of explosive sex for two women and their unholy admirers around a diabolical altar.

To learn to control men through dark magic is a tempting prospect for young Freya Campbell. But can she trust the older woman who is offering to teach her? And what price must she pay for this forbidden power?

Demon Sex – Chapter 4

“I don’t see why you’re so impressed,” Hannah griped, as the spires of the church came into view ahead on their left. “So some freak follows you into an alley? So what?”

“It’s not just that he followed me. You should have seen his face. He was completely… consumed, I guess. He had this intense look of concentration, dedication. He was totally focused, on me. He was totally obsessed. I think he would have done anything.”

Hannah traipsed uncertainly along next to her friend. “We still don’t know if we can trust this woman.”

Freya shrugged. “We might be able to learn something real. And we’re getting nowhere at those stupid talks at the bookstore.”

“I find them interesting.”

“Just theory. Nothing practical. But this might be different.”

They turned up towards the church steps and saw Valentina, dressed as before in a suit jacket and skirt, sitting on a bench at the side of the church porch. She stood, picked up her Gucci tote, and walked down the steps towards them.

“Freya, my dear! And Hannah, so glad you could join us – you will play an important role in this.”

Hannah looked blankly at her. “How?”

“Oh, you’ll see. Now, come along – there’s a lovely little garden around the back of the church. We can sit there.” She led them round the side of the building, to a memorial garden planted with bright flowers, and sat on a stone bench by a tinkling fountain. “Isn’t it pretty here?”

“Churches, again?” Freya frowned. “Why churches?”

“Yesterday we needed somewhere special – with strength, with energy.” She began to unpack her bag, decanting several old books, leather tubes, and a plastic document folder. “Today, it just amuses me. Where is the best place to do anything?”

“Best place?” Freya asked. “What do you mean?”

Valentina looked up at her. She narrowed her eyes slightly, peering at her, and then gave a slight smile. “The best time you ever had smoking hash. Where was it?”

Freya looked back at her. “In our old school. We got back in over the fence.”

“You got high on the flat roof, outside the principal’s office.”

“How did you know that!”

Valentina continued to peer at her. “That was with Dale, wasn’t it?”

“Really, how do you know?”

Valentina sat back and smiled. “It was the evening his Dad had told him that you were no good for him.”

“How the actual fuck?!” Freya looked down at her, incredulous. “But… yeah. He said I was a slut.”

“And that’s why, after you got high….”

“No fucking way could you know that!”

“But I do. I know that’s why you fucked Dale on the path outside his parents’ living room. While his dad was watching the game.”

Hannah looked at Freya with a mix a surprise and admiration. “Cool!”

Freya shook her head in disbelief. “No, really! Who told you all that!”

“I don’t need to be told anything. I can see.”

“No way!”

Valentina narrowed her eyes again, and smiled. “You want me to tell you more?”

Freya was speechless.

“Still not convinced? Alright. Dale’s dad had his back to the window. He was sitting in a chair, watching the TV. You leaned up against the window, so you could see him as your boyfriend took you from behind. And then you turned around when Dale came close, and let him come in your mouth. You spat his cum on the window pane, and drew letters on it, as a message for his Dad. You wrote, Fuck You.”

“Did… did Dale tell you that?”

“I suppose he could have done. If you don’t want to believe that I can see all of this – that I just know – then you could tell yourself that I’ve been speaking to Dale. But he wouldn’t know what you were thinking, would he? When he was fucking you, what you were thinking about his dad….”

“Stop!” Freya told her.

Valentina looked at her with a satisfied smile. “So, I’ve made my point?”

Hannah stared at Freya, aghast. “You get hot for Dale’s dad!”

“No!” Freya protested. “I thought he was a dumb asshole. He was all like he disapproved, but I’d seen how he looked at me. No way had he ever had had a girlfriend like me – and I doubt his Jesus-loving wife even let him touch her after they’d had enough kids. He pretended to be all worried that I was a bad influence on his son, but he was jealous as hell. I wanted to prove to him just what a fucking hypocrite he was.”

“And you’ve never told anyone that?” Valentina noted. “Not even Hannah – not even your best friend?”

“No!” Freya shook her head. “And how did we get to this?”

“You asked why we’re meeting here. My point was that the best place to do anything is usually where you’re not allowed. Your best high was after breaking into your old school. You had sex just yards from Dale’s dad because you knew he disapproved. It’s not just about breaking rules. It’s about doing what you mustn’t. It’s fun. And important!”

“Important?” Hannah asked.

“Of course. You two are going to speak forbidden words, to learn what is proscribed to mortal kind, to pull down barriers between worlds. You should get used to doing what is forbidden. And not just because it’s fun.”

“So,” Freya asked, “you’re really going to teach us something?”

“Yes,” she nodded. “I’m going to teach you something – something entirely forbidden. And Hannah will assist you. Sit down.”

Curious, the two young women sat either side of Valentina, and glanced at the pile of books that she had set up.

She continued: “Have you ever tried to summon a demon?”

Freya shrugged. Hannah nodded slowly.

“What did you do?”

Hannah looked at Freya, letting her friend explain.

“I got the ritual from one of the old medieval works. I can’t remember which – it might have been the Picatrix, or one of the Keys. The thing was meant to appear in a brass mirror and answer our questions. It was a real bitch getting a brass mirror, to start with – it took us about a month just to get everything ready.”

“And then?”

“And then? Nothing!”

“I thought,” Hannah suggested, hopefully, “that the mirror got a bit smoky – like, misty?”

Freya shrugged.

Valentina nodded slowly. “I know the ritual you were attempting. The problem is that you were missing a lot of the background. When the text says a brass mirror, you assumed that any polished brass plane would do. In fact, it is much more specific than that.”

“You mean,” Hannah asked, “it could have worked?”

“Certainly. And that’s a very sensible, very safe way to go about a summoning. The demon cannot easily break through a metal mirror. You can speak with it in relative safety. But what you are going to do – what Freya is going to do – is much less safe.”

“I’m going to summon a demon?”



“Because you want it to grant you power. You must stand before it and coerce it. You don’t just want to speak with it politely through a mirror. You need to stare the thing down, and command it. You did want power, didn’t you?”

Freya nodded.

“Well, now you see why a church is a perfectly inappropriate place to have this conversation, let me show you.”

Valentina opened the books and flicked through several of the old pages, pointing out relevant passages and diagrams. There were sketches of circles and pentacles, stars and jumbles of letters, and the text was in old, heavy printed type. Then she opened the leather tubes, and pulled out rolls of yellowed parchment, hand written.

Freya listened and nodded, and then, after perhaps half an hour, spoke. “Okay, I understand all this hierarchy of hell, domains and powers of demons, strengths and weaknesses and invocations. I’ve never seen these books, but I’ve read a lot that are similar. And I get what you’re saying. We’re going to summon this Shallirek. He’s a duke of lust, I get that. And I understand binding circles. But why do we need two circles?

“Because,” Valentina flicked back to one of the initial books, “it is stated that when he appears he is always attended by three lieutenants. And so, two circles. One keeps him in. The other keeps them out. If this is the first time that you have done this, you must face down a creature that will be entirely unfamiliar – your instincts and emotions will rebel, and you will have to fight to retain focus. You do not want to deal with his three retainers as well. Let the outer circle hold them back.”

“And then,” Freya gestured to one of the scrolls, “I use this invocation to command him.”

“Yes. And at that point, it is all up to you. If you keep your nerve, this will work. If your nerve breaks, this will go badly wrong.”

“How badly wrong? You mean like, dead?”

Valentina’s smile offered little comfort. “He is a demon of lust. He holds power over it, but it holds power over him. Carnal sin is his obsession. So, will he kill you? Not deliberately. He will have other uses for you. Whether you survive them or not, is not something that concerns him.”

“Oh, shit!” Freya frowned.

“It is up to you. If you are not confident, don’t do it. If you are scared, if you think your courage will fail, then walk away.”

Freya grimaced. “Fuck that. I’m not scared. I’ve been wanting to do this since I was ten!”

“Good.” Valentina smiled.

“So,” Freya looked over the parchment, “you said that when I coerce this thing, there are two parts. First, speaking this part, I give it an offering. Then when it has taken the offering, it will be weakened and I can command it with this, and state my terms.”


“So my terms are that I want Dale to be in my power. To be devoted to me, infatuated by me?”

“Remember that this is a demon. He can inspire obsession, and command obedience, but he cannot provoke love or friendship. So focus on the part about Dale being in your power, and being infatuated by you. Assuming that you want it to be Dale. It could be anyone.”

“Anyone! Oh….” Freya fell silent, thinking.

“What about,” Hannah asked, “the bit about the offering?”

“The offering?” Valentina smiled. “Hannah, my dear, that’s you. You are the offering.”

“What!” Hannah’s eyes widened. “You mean, like a sacrifice?”

“Nothing so fatal.” Again, Valentina’s smile was too cold to be reassuring. “He is a duke of lust – not anger or vengeance or war. He doesn’t want blood.”

“You mean….”

“Of course. He’ll fuck you.”

“What!” Hannah stood up and put her hands on her hips.

“Yes, that’s your part in this.”

“That’s disgusting!”

“Is it?” Valentina narrowed her eyes and looked at Hannah. “Are you telling me, that you do not have fantasies…?”

“No way! I am not having sex with anyone just so Freya can have some guy always hot for her! And definitely not with a monster!”

“Hannah!” Freya pouted. “We’re both in this together! And I’ve got to stand there and face down this thing. All you’ve got to do is-”

“Is get fucked!” Hannah cut her off. “Yeah – get fucked by a monster!”

“Hannah, my dear,” Valentina noted calmly, “when you say a monster, you are talking about a creature of pure lust. To be taken by such a being! Can you imagine what an amazing lover this creature will be?”

“Oh yeah – so the way you say it, I get to have the best sex ever with a creature of pure lust? But to me, it sounds like I’ll be getting violated by some monster – and what, while I’m standing in the middle of some medieval magic circle!”

“No,” Valentina clarified softly. “You won’t be standing. The offering must be bound when she is presented. You’ll be chained to an altar.”

“Fuck the fucking fuck right fucking off!” Hannah blurted out, unsure how to make the point more emphatically.

“Hannah!” Freya protested. “Stop being so selfish!”

“Selfish? I don’t see you volunteering to get tied up and taken by a demon!”

“Of course I’d do it. But I have to be the one coercing it.”

“Oh yeah – why?”

“Because I’m cleverer, and you’d freak out.”

“Oh great,” Hannah shouted at her, “so you think I’m stupid, but I guess you keep me around in case I’m useful – like, if some monster wants to fuck me! You’re joking, right!”

“Hannah,” Valentina said softly, her eyes still narrow. “You have fantasized again and again about demons, and monsters. These are amongst your hottest fantasies.”

“Stop that! Don’t you dare do that looking at me thing – I don’t want you in my head!”

Across the pretty garden the side door of the church swung open. A timid priest stepped out to see what the commotion was.

Hannah looked across to the priest, and back to Valentina and Freya. “For all I care, both of you can go to hell.” And she turned and stormed away, back towards the main road.

“Hannah,” Valentina called after her. “Just think about one thing. Sex with a demon is far, far better than even you have imagined.”

“Ummm…” at the church door the priest looked aghast. “Excuse me!”

“Good afternoon, Father,” Valentina gave him a smile and a cheery wave, and then turned to Freya. “Come on – I think he wants us to leave!”

– – –

Hannah’s housemates were out when she got home, which was good: she didn’t want to talk to anyone. She went straight to her room, throwing herself down on the bed.

“They can go to hell!” she muttered, aloud.

How dare Freya just assume that she’d… that she’d what? Whore herself to some kind of monster? Let herself get tied up and used just because it suited Freya? Arrogant bitch! Wasn’t it bad enough that Freya always expected her to trail around after her, being the quiet supportive one, while Freya chatted up the hot guys and laughed with the cool girls? Now she was expected to spread her legs for Freya’s convenience?

She lay back, and went over the conversation again and again in her mind. The arrogance of it. And Valentina saying – like she could even know – that it would be better than she could even imagine!

Hannah rolled over and pulled open the drawer of her bedside cabinet.

She pulled out her sketchbook, and let it fall open at random. Pencil drawings of flowers in the park. A silhouette of an actor’s face. And in the lower corner a small sketch of the back view of a woman, on her knees while a huge horned demon forced her to fellate him.

She turned the page again. A fruit bowl. Tiny superheroes climbing up the margin. A woman on all fours, being taken from behind by a gargoyle while she took another’s stony cock in her mouth.

On the facing page, beneath a sketch of autumn trees, a woman’s face, eyes wide, a ball gag in her mouth, a chain at her throat, tears in her eyes, while behind her a queue of inhuman faces lined up, each waiting in turn to take her from behind.

Over the page a detailed sketch of her own hand. But on the facing page a full page picture of a woman, facing out of the page, chained up, spread eagled between two trees, while behind her a hulking demon with a face like a boar took her in the ass. She remembered drawing that picture. She remembered reworking the woman’s face a dozen times, drawing her screaming in agony, then changing it to a look of terror, then to a rictus of ecstasy, then back to agony – she hadn’t been able to decide if the pain, or fear or pleasure would be greater.

She flicked forward to the last page, to the drawing that she had done the night before. It was of the side chapel at the church, where Valentina had performed her ritual. But in the picture there was a woman dragged across the altar, her head forced back while a scrawny demon rammed his cock into her throat.

She bit her lip as she remembered drawing each obscene picture. In her head, as she had drawn them, every one of the women was her.

She flipped the book shut, and lay back.

She thought of the pictures again, one at a time. She imagined the muscular creature forcing her to suck his dick. She imagined it being too big, and him growling that if she did not obey he would not fuck her. She wanted his hugeness, but was terrified by it, and she struggled to take his helmet in her mouth.

She reached down between her legs, and pressed against her jeans.

She imagined herself chained down and on all fours, being used, as a spit-roast for two demented creatures. Then she thought of herself gagged, and she imagined a host of horned, scaled or hulking creatures taking turns with her. She imagined their hands and their claws gripping her tight, and she imagined their cocks, some huge, some curved, some scaly or slippery, and as she thought on them she unzipped her jeans and pushed her pants and panties down over her hips.

What had Valentina said? That sex with a demon was better than she could imagine? She could imagine a great deal! She imagined what it would be like to be gagged, so that she could neither cry out for more not scream in pain, and as she visualized the scene she knew that it would be screams of pleasure that she choked back on the gag.

Her fingers found her pussy, and she began to slide her fingers down, and back up, teasing herself out, slowly stroking at her clit, as she saw in her head the whole array of creatures, flexing their claws against her trembling flesh, plunging obscene cocks into her wet pussy.

She remembered the image of the the woman – of her – chained up between the trees. She imagined the demons’s huge but slick cock, nearly slimey, pushing into her ass with no need of lube. Her fingers began to flick faster, and she pressed harder on her clit, as she thought of the beast’s breath on the back of her neck as its cock plunged into her ass. She imagined that she was screaming, that the monster was grunting, and as she thought about it her fingers fluttered faster across her hardening bud.

Her hand flew faster as she grew breathless, and she thought at last of herself dragged over a church altar, as a scaly creature pleasured himself by fucking her face. It would come in her mouth, she knew, forcing her to swallow its rancid load. What, she thought, would a demon’s cum even taste like? It would force her to find out, she knew, and as she thought of that her hips jarred, her muscles spasmed and she came, gasping.

“Oh, fuck!” she sighed, laying back limply. It was so easy for her to come thinking of things like that. The images were so, so hot. How could it possibly be, as Valentina claimed, even better than she imagined?

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