Erotic Holiday Updates

We’ve been busy with updates over the holiday season, with plenty of hot erotic fiction to warm the winter.

The first few chapters of a brand new erotica novella, Jealousy Bane, sees a student’s revenge sex spectacularly failing to hurt her hated ex-boyfriend. After her first failed effort she embarks on a campaign of vengeance that, as these opening chapters draw to a close, leads her to an ancient and dangerous book of sexual ritual magic.

For those following our Victorian erotic novels, after finishing the novella Ancient Hunger last week we’ve also added more chapters to the novella Miss Rosalind’s Desire – as Rosalind, seeming to be in some distress, summons the hapless Fredrick Clifford to meet her at a grand hotel.

We’ve also revealed the first teaser – just a single chapter for now – of the next full novel in the steamy Victorian Sexual Sorcery series – Sorcerer’s Masquerade. The Marquis of Dorset’s spring garden party is the greatest event of the social calendar that nobody ever speaks about – a scandalous annual gathering that no respectable person would dare admit to attending, but no discerning hedonist would want to miss. And in this early chapter Miss Emma Ferriss is providing His Lordship with a very practical and entirely intimate demonstration of how her planned costume for the evening might inspire the guests.

And as an extra bonus we’ve also added to the Members’ area an Erotic Red Riding Hood re-imagining the classic faerie story in a post-apocalyptic setting – and of course, with a dash of hot sex.

There will of course be plenty more hot erotica on the horizon, but this selection should spice up the holiday season for our Members!