Erotic Novels

Mystic Erotica’s high-quality erotic fiction covers two series of erotic novels. Hot sex and intriguing mysteries are the staples of all our stories – but each devious plot-twist and raunchy encounter is within the context of ongoing series of novels and novellas.

The Sexual Sorcery series opens with the novel of the same tile, followed by two novellas and then another full length novel, Sorcerer’s Proposal. The novels follow an unwitting academic, Fredrick Clifford, into the occult underworld of Victorian London, and charts the investigations into which he is drawn by the devious Catherine Wolseley. The first novel features a cast including an investigator with a talent for seduction, a respectable young woman battling with suddenly awakened urges, and a mesmerist collecting a harem of beautiful ladies, and many of these recur in the sequels, as we delve deeper into this shadowy world.

The Lilith’s Children series tells of police investigations and mysteries in a modern American town, where an ancient evil is rising. The first full length novel in the series, Deadly Adultery, sees Detectives Denison and Richter, assisted by the feisty Maddie Pryne and an untrustworthy exorcist, investigating a series of murders which seem to span decades. Their first sex-filled brush with the supernatural still may not prepare them, however, for the schemes of the villains of the series – introduced in the novella, Demon Sex.

Each Mystic Erotica novel and novella focuses on original, shadowy mysteries, with more than a hint of the supernatural. All novels are listed here, an each is packed with high-quality, imaginative sex. Click to read the sample chapters from the top menu, buy our novels on Amazon, or join today to read all of our outstanding erotic novels online.

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