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Mystic Erotica publishes series of erotic stories, with a focus on mystery and strong plots. Characters develop and plot-arcs unfold through each series of stories, providing plenty of suspense and drama along with sizzling sex.

Sexual Sorcery Erotic Stories

The Victorian Sexual Sorcery series follows a clear chronology: the first full novel is Sexual Sorcery; Sorcerer’s Proposal is the sequel. The novellas in the series add detail and background to the characters and plots, and taken together the books run in the following chronology. If you read the novels without the novellas, then the ongoing plots will still make perfect sense – the novellas are extra content. But if you want to follow the story in chronological order then the stories run: Charity and Deception, Sexual Sorcery, The Heir’s Mistresses, Sorcerer’s Proposal.

Sexual Sorcery

Sexual Sorcery

An unwitting academic stumbles into the occult underworld of Victorian London. With a cast of characters including an investigator with a talent for seduction, a mesmerist collecting a harem of beautiful ladies, and a woman who believes she has had sex with Satan, Sexual Sorcery is a sizzling story of decadence, conspiracy and carnality.

  1. In which Mr Clifford first visits the Apollonian Club, and is surprised to make a most intimate acquaintance.
  2. In which Mr Clifford has a disturbed night’s sleep, and considers his maid in a new light.
  3. In which Miss Wolseley engages Miss Ferriss to perform a most unusual act of charity.
  4. In which Mr Clifford explores Torwich Manor, and learns of its ladies’ prefered entertainments.
  5. In which Mr Clifford fails to understand Mr Braystone’s arguments, and Miss Southerly learns of the world’s many possibilities.
  6. In which Miss Wolseley receives a complaint about immoral behaviour, and observes Madame Moarsala’s questionable use of the club’s secret room.
  7. In which Mr Clifford’s maid abandons him, burglary uncovers a cache of sinister artefacts, and Miss Southerly seems to have lost track of time.
  8. In which Miss Ferriss takes a journey to Cambridge, and Miss Southerly finds that a chance meeting leads to unexpected pleasures.
  9. In which Miss Wolseley deceives Miss Southerly, and a diabolical altar is the scene of a violent coupling.
  10. In which Signora Cenci teaches Mr Clifford to be a much more accomplished gentleman.
  11. In which Mr Clifford and Miss Ferriss argue over tea, and reach an understanding in the rose garden.
  12. In which Miss Ferriss demonstrates that respectable people may indulge most unrespectable desires.
  13. In which Mr Clifford’s maid returns, Miss Southerly imposes upon two American gentlemen, and a rescue is effected.
  14. In which Miss Southerly exasperates Miss Wolseley, a sinister folly is explored, and the genius behind Mr Braystone’s plans is discovered.
  15. In which Mr Clifford returns to London, and finds his maid exceptionally pleased to receive him.
  16. In which a deal is struck, and Mr Braystone is most expertly reconciled to his loss.

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Sorcerer’s Proposal

Sorcerer's Proposal book

In a dark Alpine castle seven women in seven nights will compete to impress its Count, while those around them others have their own secret agendas. A tale of intrigue and sex, ranging from the bordellos of Victorian London, to the theatres of Paris, to the brooding mountain castle itself where carnal events take a murderous turn.

  1. In which a proposal is made, Miss Baker proves her skills, and Miss Wolseley recruits Mr Clifford for a fresh investigation.
  2. In which Mr Braystone’s gloom is lifted in the theatre district of Paris.
  3. In which Mr Clifford is approached by a lady in distress, plans are laid, and doubts appear.
  4. In which Miss Baker discovers the great delights of First Class travel, and the first arrivals reach the castle.
  5. In which the Count provides a formal dinner for the seekers, and the tributes are left to make their own entertainment.
  6. In which a beacon is placed, Miss Welsh receives instruction in English vocabulary from the Count, and a confidence is betrayed.
  7. In which Miss Wolseley and Mr Clifford disagree about the nature of teamwork, and Miss Baker impresses the Count.
  8. In which Mr Clifford makes deductions in the library, and the butler is much flustered by two ladies.
  9. In which Miss Wolseley and the Count discuss power and knowledge, and Mrs Weston’s demonstration leads to frustration.
  10. In which Mrs Weston makes a scene in the courtyard, Miss Baker and Miss Ferriss discuss the consumption of jam, and the stable is the scene of a most improper encounter.
  11. In which Mr Vine finds Miss Wolseley to be evasive, and Miss Smith finds the Count to be unsatisfying.
  12. In which Mr Clifford explains the fruits of his study, and the Count has a most particular plan for Miss Ferriss.
  13. In which there is violence in the kitchen, and the Count is most surprised in the high tower.
  14. In which the number of Supplicants is reduced to six, and Madame Moarsala insists that Mr Clifford accompany her outside the castle.
  15. In which Miss Wolseley warns Mr Clifford of a lethal danger, and the Count meets with the last of the Tributes.
  16. In which Miss Ferriss determines to forge an alliance of convenience, and the situation is surveyed from the battlements.
  17. In which a bemused guard is delighted and befuddled by the attentions of three ladies, and secret rooms are breached.
  18. In which the victor is announced, and the return journey begins.
  19. In which the first of the travelers return to London, and Mrs Weston is relieved and delighted by an unexpected visit.
  20. In which a tour of London is had, a disturbing dinner is endured, and fear and pleasure are found to be welcome bedfellows.
  21. In which Miss Wolseley gathers friends for dinner, and the mystery in unraveled.
  22. In which there is a return to Paris, a timid young lady becomes quite inflamed, and Helen keeps her secret.

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Charity & Deception

Charity and Deception story

An impoverished actress is enticed to the door of a little-known charity. But as she develops a most intimate understanding of the appetites of the foundation’s benefactors, she also learns that a darker secret lies in the cellar beneath the old house, in this tale of voyeurism, group sex and the occult in Victorian London.

  1. In which Miss Ferriss first encounters Miss Wolseley and the Apollonian Club.
  2. In which Reverend Hare displays an unorthodox view of the importance of chastity.
  3. In which the Foundation’s fund raising events are observed to bring much pleasure to the attendees.
  4. In which Miss Wolseley reveals the true purpose of her investigations.
  5. In which Miss Ferriss become most eagerly involved in the charity’s fund raising, and Mr Vine learns more than he admits.
  6. In which Miss Ferriss returns to the Foundation against instructions, and Mr Vine’s property is recovered.
  7. In which Miss Ferriss stages a most successful performance, and wins an ardent admirer.

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The Heir’s Mistresses

The Heir's Mistresses

On the windswept coast of England, the manor house is in mourning. But it is also in the shadow of an ancient legend, and while the heir to the estate seeks solace in the arms of his two beautiful mistresses a mysterious boat glides near to the harbour, intending to honour an ancient tradition, in this tale of sex, duplicity and death.

  1. In which the journey begins.
  2. In which condolences are offered, hospitality accepted, and a walk on the coast leads to a remarkable encounter.
  3. In which Sir Charles’s mistresses are noted to be especially attentive, and Miss Wolseley determines to act decisively.
  4. In which Sir George takes his final journey, and Sir Charles returns to the arms of his mistresses.

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Ancient Hunger

Ancient Hunger erotic novella

Pursuing an ancient statue Miss Wolseley is unfazed by the eccentric collector and his neurotic wife, by the school mistress with a taste for discipline, or by the wanton innkeeper’s daughter. But the Swedish diplomat, Captain Adler, is as intriguing as the ancient statue itself, and in a sense, she suspects, she may have met her match.

  1. In which Captain Adler first encounters Miss Wolselely.
  2. In which the Captain and Miss Wolseley leave London, and Mr Pierson’s eccentricities become apparent.
  3. In which hard lessons are eagerly learned at the school house, and Captain Adler finds that Miss Wolslely is not easily shocked.
  4. In which a theft is discovered, following which Miss Wolslely interrupts a most intimate assignation and makes a new friend.
  5. In which an unexpected death is discovered, and Mrs Pierson enjoys the most tender happiness.
  6. In which Captain Adler and Miss Wolseley return to Underthorn House and are intrigued by the unusual guests assembled at dinner.
  7. In which soft caresses are exchanged and pleasure shared, and a single revolver shot brings tragedy.
  8. In which Captain Adler receives an improper invitation, Hettie is roused from wicked dreams, and Miss Wolseley offers inadequate condolences.
  9. In which Miss Wolseley presents Hettie with three envelopes, and Hettie gives Tom a most memorable going-away present.
  10. In which Captain Adler dines with Miss Wolseley, and frustrations are swept away.

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Miss Rosalind’s Desire

Miss Rosalind's Desire

Miss Rosalind struggles to maintain her ladylike demeanour, but, as Mr Clifford may soon discover, she knows exactly what she wants. Meanwhile Mr Clifford’s neighbour has chanced upon an exceptionally decadent streetwalker in London’s foggy streets, and a return to Pagham Manor leaves Miss Wolseley pondering the folly of men.

  1. In which Mr Clifford dines with a new guest at the Apollonian Club, and a most wanton wickedness is found lurking beneath a gas light.
  2. In which Miss Wolseley returns reluctantly to Pagham Manor, and Mr Clifford finds Miss Bantly most terribly flustered.
  3. In which Miss Wolseley pays a visit upon Mr Clifford, a most scandalous Christmas present is enjoyed, and a trust is betrayed.
  4. In which Miss Bantly most urgently pleads for Mr Clifford’s assistance, and two conspirators reflect upon their mission.
  5. In which Miss Wolseley learns that, once again, gentlemen do not always appreciate her help, and she proffers Mr Clifford an unexpected Christmas present.

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Children of Lilith Erotic Stories

The Children of Lilith series follows an unfolding unearthly conspiracy in modern-day USA. The first full length novel is Deadly Adultery is a detective story with a ghostly edge; Evil Ensnared brings more diabolical forces into play. The two novellas are each thrillers in their own rights, and introduce some of the characters: Demon Sex introduces some of the key characters in Evil Ensnared and events that follow (Freya and Valentina will both return); Sacrifices is a flashback to events fifteen years before, to tell how Michael Zabat first became involved with the dark forces that he now fights.

Deadly Adultery

Deadly Adultery

A wedding-day murder leads two detectives to unravel a two-hundred year old mystery. Spanning 1930s gangsters and whores, 1950s millionaires, 1970s swingers, and modern day group sex, this tale of adultery, voyeurism, exorcism, and evil from beyond the grave, unfolds in 16 chapters of filthy, hot sex.

  • Chapter 1: Anger and Lust
  • Chapter 2: Telephone Sex
  • Chapter 3: 1974
  • Chapter 4: The Drive
  • Chapter 5: Home Movies
  • Chapter 6: Behind the Warehouse
  • Chapter 7: 1959
  • Chapter 8: Exorcism Interupted
  • Chapter 9: 1932
  • Chapter 10: Playing to the Camera
  • Chapter 11: 1894
  • Chapter 12: The Hunt
  • Chapter 13: 1787
  • Chapter 14: Being Direct
  • Chapter 15: Sex and the Dead
  • Chapter 16: The Broken Curse

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Evil Ensnared

Detective Stephanie Richter is drawn into a case of threatened murder and kidnapping, while exorcist Michael Zabat agrees to undertake an investigation for an eccentric, white haired stranger. Soon the two mysteries become intertwined, leading Richter and Zabat through investigations which run from a club specializing in high-class sex shows, to the eager dressing-room antics of wannabe rock stars, to a dark cellar where an unearthly evil awaits.

  • Chapter 1: Watching
  • Chapter 2: Mr Jakt
  • Chapter 3: #besteveningever
  • Chapter 4: The Sister’s Show
  • Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon

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The Jealousy Bane

An angry ex-girlfriend, a surprised student, and a web-cam – a recipe for a torrid home movie. But when the video does not get quite the reception that Jenn had hoped for, she furiously turns to other ways to get back at her ex-boyfriend. And when she turns to the pages of an ancient tome of sexual magic, she unleashes passions which she could never have expected.

  • Chapter 1: The Surprise
  • Chapter 2: Downloading
  • Chapter 3: Public Appreciation
  • Chapter 4: Inspiration
  • Chapter 5: Distraction
  • Chapter 6: Hope
  • Chapter 7: Revelation
  • Chapter 8: Desperation
  • Chapter 9: Distraction
  • Chapter 10: Satisfaction

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Demon Sex

Wicked Faeries

A young woman’s curiosity leads her into a diabolical conspiracy, in a story of lust, power and hellish powers. Following her from the back room of an occult bookstore, through a blasphemous ritual in a chapel and to the dark woods where a young woman lies chained to an altar, her quest for forbidden knowledge becomes a dark odyssey of sex and betrayal.

  • Prologue: The Crime Scene
  • Chapter 1: Promises
  • Chapter 2: Proof
  • Chapter 3: Freya’s Ex
  • Chapter 4: Secrets and Fantasies
  • Chapter 5: Reward and Punishment
  • Chapter 6: Duke of the Ninth Circle
  • Chapter 7: The Offering
  • Epilogue: The Evidence


Fifteen years before the events of Deadly Adultery and Evil Ensnared, in a roadside bar Michael Zabat is fleeing from his life, moping over his beer and seeking only to be left in peace. But a seductive young woman has other plans for him, and their torrid encounter will change Michael’s life.

Other Erotic Stories

Wicked Faeries

Wicked Faeries

When a young woman wanders into the woods at the full moon, she has no inkling of just how wicked the forest faeries really are. Her sheltered upbringing could never prepare her for the seductions of a faerie knight, group sex with well-hung satyrs, or the mission that she would undertake for the faeries’ imperious queen.

  • Chapter 1: The Satyrs
  • Chapter 2: Tari’s Prisoner
  • Chapter 3: Invitation
  • Chapter 4: Teasing Tari’s Toy
  • Chapter 5: The Guardian
  • Chapter 6: Away From the Feast
  • Chapter 7: Coming Soon
  • Chapter 8: Coming Soon
  • Chapter 9: Coming Soon
  • Chapter 10: Coming Soon
  • Chapter 11: Coming Soon
  • Chapter 12: Coming Soon
  • Chapter 13: Coming Soon
  • Chapter 14: Coming Soon
  • Chapter 15: Coming Soon

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Excerpts and Teasers

erotic stories

Samples from forthcoming novels and novellas. Single chapters and initial teasers – introducing characters, hinting at mysteries, and packed with steamy sex – that give just a taste of the dark decadence to come!

  • Erotic Red Riding Hood: In post-apocalyptic America even a young woman’s walk through the woods can be perilous. What awaits her at Grandmother’s house?
  • Haunted by Lust – Chapter 2: Flicking through the dusty diary that she found in the attic awakens the ghosts of the house’s debauched past – quite literally.
  • The Carnal Journal – Chapter 1: Is Katherine’s recurring dream only a fantasy – or a flash-back to a colleague’s raunchy office affair? The first chapter of a tale of dark desires that come to life.
  • The Carnal Journal – Chapter 3: After the encounter in the woods Katherine is determined to prove that her sex life needs no help from a dusty old tome.
  • Sorcerer’s Masquerade – Chapter 2: In which Miss Wolseley confesses to her restlessness, and Miss Ferriss models a party costume for His Lordship’s most intimate consideration.

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