Evil Ensnared – First Chapters

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve made live for members the first chapters of a new erotic novel, Evil Enslaved – the first full sequel to Deadly Adultery.

Detective Stephanie Richter is drawn into a case of threatened murder and kidnapping surrounding a young woman named Freya Campbell (who was introduced in the erotic novella Demon Sex). Meanwhile, exorcist Michael Zabat agrees to undertake an investigation for an eccentric, white haired stranger. And soon the two mysteries become intertwined, along with the complicated sex lives of Freya’s ex-boyfriend and his friends, leading Richter and Zabat through investigations which run from a club specializing in high-class sex shows, to the eager dressing-room antics of wannabe rock stars, to a dark cellar where an unearthly evil awaits.

Evil Enslaved can be read as a stand-alone novel, or as a sequel to Deadly Adultery, drawing together characters from both that novel and also the novella Demon Sex in an erotic story of mystery, sex and otherworldly forces. Individual chapters will be available for members over the next few months, and the novel itself will be published for Kindle in 2016.