The Heir’s Mistresses Now Available

On the windswept coast of England, manor house is in mourning. But it is also in the shadow of an ancient legend, and while the heir to the estate seeks solace in the arms of his two beautiful mistresses, a mysterious boat glides near to the harbour, intending to honour an ancient tradition.

Catherine Wolseley is drawn to the manor by the death of an old friend, and she is determined, despite the family’s reservations, that the old man’s final instructions be carried out, however strange they may seem. She enlists the assistance of her earnest academic friend, Fredrick Clifford, who finds himself both bemused by her schemes and also entranced by the charms of a strange young lady.

The Heir’s Mistresses is an erotic mystery novella, set in Victorian England. Following on from the events of the novel Sexual Sorcery, it is a tale of sex and mystery, which draws the characters from the comfort of their London homes into a carnally-charged world whose mysteries extend beyond life and death, and into the grave.

Mystic Erotica members can read the story in its entirety online. Those wishing to own the book can buy it exclusively for Kindle on Amazon.