Sex Stories

Mystic Erotica publishes new high-quality sex stories every week – erotic tales full of mystery and carnality, with racing plots packed with steamy sex.

Each Mystic Erotica novel or novella is packed with raunchy sex. The stories are original and dark – detective mysteries and conspiracies with a supernatural edge – and the characters’ investigations take them from one sexually charged scene to another, with plenty of surprising and exciting action along the way.

Take our full-length detective novel, Deady Adultery, as an example. In the first few chapters the story takes in hard anal sex in a bridal suite, furtive sex in a police station, a swinger’s orgy, cock-sucking in heavy traffic, and sex in front of a video camera – and that’s just in the first few chapters. Even the staid Victorian era gives us plenty of scope for furtive and debauched sex, with the Victorian erotic mystery Sexual Sorcery surprise sex in the back room of an upper-class club, a gentleman’s fantasies for his maid, a businessman seduced by a woman who is not what she seems, sex games in an isolated manor house – and that, again, in just the first few chapters.

If you want high-quality, imaginative sex, in novels and series with ongoing plotlines and sexy characters, then you’ve come to the right place. All chapters are listed here. Click to read the example chapters from the top menu, find our novels on Amazon, or join today for unrestricted access to all of our outstanding sex stories.

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