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Erotic Holiday Updates

We’ve been busy with updates over the holiday season, with plenty of hot erotic fiction to warm the winter. The first few chapters of a brand new erotica novella, Jealousy Bane, sees a student’s revenge sex spectacularly failing to hurt her hated ex-boyfriend. After her first failed effort she embarks on a campaign of vengeance […]

Ancient Hunger Available For Members

A brand new 10-chapter novella, following on from the Victorian erotic novel, Sexual Sorcery, is now available on Mystic Erotica for all members. Ancient Hunger sees Catherine Wolseley pursuing an ancient statue in the rural villages of England – where not all are as innocent and respectable as they seem. Miss Wolseley is unfazed by […]

Sorcerer’s Proposal Available For Members

The first full-length sequel to the Victorian erotic novel, Sexual Sorcery, is now available on Mystic Erotica for all members. In a dark Alpine castle seven women in seven nights will compete to impress its Count, while those around them have their own secret agendas. A tale of intrigue and sex, ranging from the bordellos […]

Evil Ensnared – First Chapters

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve made live for members the first chapters of a new erotic novel, Evil Enslaved – the first full sequel to Deadly Adultery. Detective Stephanie Richter is drawn into a case of threatened murder and kidnapping surrounding a young woman named Freya Campbell (who was introduced in the erotic […]

Demon Sex Now Available For Members

A young woman’s curiosity leads her into a diabolical conspiracy, in a story of lust, power and hellish forces. Following her from the back room of an occult bookstore, through a blasphemous ritual in a chapel and to the dark woods where a young woman lies chained to an altar, her quest for forbidden knowledge […]

The Heir’s Mistresses Now Available

On the windswept coast of England, manor house is in mourning. But it is also in the shadow of an ancient legend, and while the heir to the estate seeks solace in the arms of his two beautiful mistresses, a mysterious boat glides near to the harbour, intending to honour an ancient tradition. Catherine Wolseley […]

Deadly Adultery Now Available

A wedding-day murder leads two detectives to unravel a two-hundred year old mystery. Spanning 1930s gangsters and whores, 1950s millionaires, 1970s swingers, and modern day group sex, this tale of adultery, voyeurism, exorcism, and evil from beyond the grave, unfolds in 16 chapters of filthy, hot sex. Deadly Adultery, a full length erotic novel, is […]

Charity and Deception Now Available

An impoverished actress approaches arrives at the door of the Greenwich Foundation for the Support and Betterment of Destitute Women, begging that she will do anything to escape poverty. And they are only too happy to find han an opportunity to impress the charity’s patrons. But neither the actress nor the charity are what they […]

Sexual Sorcery Now Available

An unwitting academic stumbles into the erotically-charged occult underworld of Victorian London. With a cast of characters including an investigator with a talent for seduction, a mesmerist collecting a harem of beautiful ladies, and a woman who believes she has had sex with Satan, Sexual Sorcery is a sizzling story of decadence, conspiracy and carnality. […]