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Charity and Deception Now Available

An impoverished actress approaches arrives at the door of the Greenwich Foundation for the Support and Betterment of Destitute Women, begging that she will do anything to escape poverty. And they are only too happy to find han an opportunity to impress the charity’s patrons. But neither the actress nor the charity are what they […]

Sexual Sorcery Now Available

An unwitting academic stumbles into the erotically-charged occult underworld of Victorian London. With a cast of characters including an investigator with a talent for seduction, a mesmerist collecting a harem of beautiful ladies, and a woman who believes she has had sex with Satan, Sexual Sorcery is a sizzling story of decadence, conspiracy and carnality. […]

The Difference Between Erotica and Pornography

It is tempting to think that the difference between erotica and pornography is one of scale. The idea is that erotica is subtle, suggestive, evocative. Pornography is blatant, full-on, leaving nothing to the imagination. As Isabel Allende wrote: “Erotica is using a feather; pornograpy is using the whole chicken.” Common Sense Definition This idea makes […]