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In the Same Series….

Sexual Sorcery

Sexual Sorcery

An unwitting academic stumbles into the occult underworld of Victorian London. With a cast of characters including an investigator with a talent for seduction, a mesmerist collecting a harem of beautiful ladies, and a woman who believes she has had sex with Satan, Sexual Sorcery is a sizzling story of decadence, conspiracy and carnality.

  1. In which Mr Clifford first visits the Apollonian Club, and is surprised to make a most intimate acquaintance.
  2. In which Mr Clifford has a disturbed night’s sleep, and considers his maid in a new light.
  3. In which Miss Wolseley engages Miss Ferriss to perform a most unusual act of charity.
  4. In which Mr Clifford explores Torwich Manor, and learns of its ladies’ prefered entertainments.
  5. In which Mr Clifford fails to understand Mr Braystone’s arguments, and Miss Southerly learns of the world’s many possibilities.
  6. In which Miss Wolseley receives a complaint about immoral behaviour, and observes Madame Moarsala’s questionable use of the club’s secret room.
  7. In which Mr Clifford’s maid abandons him, burglary uncovers a cache of sinister artefacts, and Miss Southerly seems to have lost track of time.
  8. In which Miss Ferriss takes a journey to Cambridge, and Miss Southerly finds that a chance meeting leads to unexpected pleasures.
  9. In which Miss Wolseley deceives Miss Southerly, and a diabolical altar is the scene of a violent coupling.
  10. In which Signora Cenci teaches Mr Clifford to be a much more accomplished gentleman.
  11. In which Mr Clifford and Miss Ferriss argue over tea, and reach an understanding in the rose garden.
  12. In which Miss Ferriss demonstrates that respectable people may indulge most unrespectable desires.
  13. In which Mr Clifford’s maid returns, Miss Southerly imposes upon two American gentlemen, and a rescue is effected.
  14. In which Miss Southerly exasperates Miss Wolseley, a sinister folly is explored, and the genius behind Mr Braystone’s plans is discovered.
  15. In which Mr Clifford returns to London, and finds his maid exceptionally pleased to receive him.
  16. In which a deal is struck, and Mr Braystone is most expertly reconciled to his loss.

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Sorcerer’s Proposal

Sorcerer's Proposal book

In a dark Alpine castle seven women in seven nights will compete to impress its Count, while those around them others have their own secret agendas. A tale of intrigue and sex, ranging from the bordellos of Victorian London, to the theatres of Paris, to the brooding mountain castle itself where carnal events take a murderous turn.

  1. In which a proposal is made, Miss Baker proves her skills, and Miss Wolseley recruits Mr Clifford for a fresh investigation.
  2. In which Mr Braystone’s gloom is lifted in the theatre district of Paris.
  3. In which Mr Clifford is approached by a lady in distress, plans are laid, and doubts appear.
  4. In which Miss Baker discovers the great delights of First Class travel, and the first arrivals reach the castle.
  5. In which the Count provides a formal dinner for the seekers, and the tributes are left to make their own entertainment.
  6. In which a beacon is placed, Miss Welsh receives instruction in English vocabulary from the Count, and a confidence is betrayed.
  7. In which Miss Wolseley and Mr Clifford disagree about the nature of teamwork, and Miss Baker impresses the Count.
  8. In which Mr Clifford makes deductions in the library, and the butler is much flustered by two ladies.
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  12. Coming 2015
  13. Coming 2015
  14. Coming 2016
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  17. Coming 2016

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