Wicked Faeries

“I don’t like you wandering in the woods.” Élise’s mother prodded the fire angrily. “It isn’t safe.”

“What? Because of the faeries?”

“Don’t take that tone with me.” Her mother leaned the poker up against the chimney, and straightened herself up. “You sound like you don’t believe in them, you don’t take them seriously. But people disappear. The faeries trick pretty girls and stupid boys, and the girls and boys vanish.”

“I have never seen a faerie, Mother, and I’m not going to be scared by old stories.”

“Don’t be foolish! If you don’t believe me, ask anyone – ask your boyfriend.”

“Mother, just because we’re the same age and live in the same village, does not mean that he’s ever going to be my boyfriend!”

“There you go again, with more nonsense. He’s the best match in the village, and you should be thinking about getting married – not about running around in the woods!”

But Élise remained far more interested in the mysteries of the dark woods than in a pig-headed village boy. And so after dinner she slipped away from the cottage, her cloak held tight against her bodice to keep out the chill evening air.

The woods were full of shadows and sounds, and she delighted in being startled by the way her eyes played tricks on her, or that noises carried through the dark. She could almost imagine that she was being watched, and her heart beat with a delicious thrill as she followed the path down to the old bridge, over the stream and up towards the circle of standing stones.

Don’t go into the woods at night, her mother had said. Don’t go near the old stones alone. Don’t be foolish. Well, if she was going to be foolish, then, Élise thought, as she looked up at the big full moon, this was the night to do it.

It was unlucky, she knew, to walk widdershins – leftwards – around the village church. How much more unlucky must it be to walk widdershins around these ancient stones? Once, twice, three times she walked around the outside of the circle of stones. “What would be more foolish?” she thought to herself with a smile. Thirteen, she though, was an unlucky number – and so, another ten circuits she made.

A little tired, Élise paused. The moon was beautiful, and seemed even larger now, she thought, and so she gathered up her long skirt and sat on a log to look up at it, listening to the woodland sounds, surrounded by shadows, bathed in moonlight.

“Thirteen.” A soft voice mused to her left. “You were right. It is a very special number.”

Élise looked around, surprised. A woman stood a few yards away, tall and elegant, also looking up at the moon.

“You must be very brave to come out here,” the woman mused. “Or very foolish. If there is even a difference.” A black cloak was draped around her shoulders, but fell open at the front, revealing a long, tight gown, with a low neckline that showed the pale flesh of the sides of her breasts. Such an immodest dress, Élise thought, her mother would not approve of.

“I am not scared of the woods.” Élise assured her. “A bit nervous perhaps. But not scared. And I would rather be frightened in the forest, than bored in the village.”

“You are looking for a little adventure?”

“More than a little!” Élise looked up at the slender woman. “I don’t think that we have been introduced.”

The woman turned her head to look down at the village girl, and smiled. “You may address me as My Lady. It is the proper form.”

“Alright,” she nodded. “I am Élise.”

“Yes,” the lady said. “Élise who is not scared to court unlucky numbers, to walk foolish paths, to brave the dark and shadows, to venture into a wood where anyone could be watching her. But are you not afraid of the woodland faeries?”

“Not at all, My Lady! I think that the villagers are just scared of things they don’t know. Or are jealous. In the stories, it always sounds as if faeries have a lot of fun.”

“Yes,” the lady smiled again. “A lot of fun. A life full of mischief and pleasure. This doesn’t frighten you?”

“Of course not!”

“Good. Then walk with me.” And the lady turned to go.

“I… maybe I….”

“Maybe what?” The lady turned back to look at her. “Maybe you would rather go back to the village, to milk cows and work in the fields and choose a boring husband? That is not so. You defied your mother, braved the woods, walked widdershins about the old stones under a full moon. If you can do all of those things, then you can walk a while with a noble lady.”

Of course the lady was right. Élise followed her into the woods.

They did not walk any clear path, but rather picked their way through the shadowed groves. “Where are we going?” Élise asked.

“Mischief and pleasure,” the lady replied. And when the girl asked again, she gave the same answer, and again, and would give no other.

At length they arrived at a small, thatched cottage, climbing roses around the door and the smell of woodsmoke in the air. The lady lifted the latch and stepped back to let Élise enter.

Inside was a single room. There were two chairs with cushions, a table, a wardrobe and, occupying most of the room, a huge bed, draped in crimson velvet. At the far end a fire crackled in the fireplace, and a dozen candles danced in candlesticks around the walls.

“What sort of cottage is this?” Élise asked, as the lady followed her in. “No kitchen, no work areas. Just a huge bed!”
“Of course,” the lady smiled. “Why would an honoured guest need to work, or do her own cooking? That is not what you came for.” She closed the door and walked to the table, where she picked up a silver jug, and poured white wine into a goblet. “Here,” she said, handing the vessel to Élise. “You must be thirsty.”

The girl hesitated, but only for a moment. She raised the goblet to her lips and sipped. It was crisp and clear, and sweeter than any wine she had ever tasted.

“And still, you are brave,” the lady smiled. “Have you not heard the stories? You accept food and drink from a stranger in the woods, and that is how it all starts. Soon you are lost, and all because of the enchanted wine.”

Élise sipped again. The taste was beautiful. “Is it enchanted, My Lady?”

The lady’s smile widened. “Only if you would like it to be.”

Élise stared at the lady – at her long black hair, her dark eyes and red lips, pale skin, the black silk dress hugging her figure. She looked around the room, at the velvet fabrics and silverware.“Are you… is this…?”

“These are our woods, and we do here as we please. We live in our own ways, and see no need to deal with the frightened and dull folk of the countryside. But sometimes we find one who is… sparkling with life and curiosity… who is not dull, not frightened. You are not frightened, are you?”

Élise shook her head. “No, My Lady.”

“And you wish to learn more of us? You wish to see how we live – a life full of mischief and pleasure?”

“Yes, My Lady – yes, please!”

“Well,” the lady looked serious, and took the goblet from the girl, placing it on the table. “If you wish me to show you, then you must do exactly what I tell you to do.”

Élise thought for a moment, and nodded.

“You will do exactly what you are instructed, no arguments. And I will show you things that will… astound you. Do you agree?”

“I agree.”

“A firm promise, never to be broken?”

“A promise!” Élise nodded eagerly.

“Good, then take off your cloak.”

Élise unclasped her cloak and laid it across a chair. The lady looked her up and down, from her chestnut hair to her white chemise and tight brown bodice, to her long grey skirt and muddy shoes.

“Now, take off your dirty shoes.”

And she did as she was told.

“And now that dull skirt.”

“My… what?! Why?

“Perhaps, girl,” the lady reached out and brushed a lock of hair from her cheek, stoking her face, “because here is no place for things that are drab and grey, like that skirt. Or perhaps because it will please me to see more of your pretty body. But most of all, because you have something which will prevent you ever from sharing our ways, our life – and this you must lose.”

“What must I lose?”

The lady smiled. “Your shame. You have been taught that you should be ashamed of pleasure. Here, now, tonight, you will learn to embrace pleasure without shame. You understand?”

“I… I think so.”

“That is good enough. Because for now, I have given you an instruction, and you have promised to obey my commands. Correct?”

“Yes, My Lady.”

“Then, take off your skirt.”

Élise unclipped the skirt’s fastenings, and let it fall to her feet.

“Now, your knickers. You will be naked from the waist down.”

Timidly, Élise obeyed, and then the lady smiled.

“Then sit on the bed.”

The girl sat down and waited.

The lady, taking a seat on one of the chairs, considered her for a moment, watching her in the firelight. “You really are a most welcome guest!” she smiled. “Now, spread your legs.”

“What! Why?”

“Because you have promised to obey my commands. And I command you to.”

Slowly, Élise leaned back on the bed and raised her feet, parting her knees.

“There! You are a beautiful woman, Élise, my guest. And you know that, don’t you?”

“Yes, My Lady.”

“And at night when you are alone in your bed, you know how beautiful you are don’t you?”

“Yes, My Lady.”

“And you touch yourself, don’t you?”

Élise did not answer. She was not sure what she should say. She felt her breathing deepen.

There was no spoken command. The lady looked at Élise, lying on her back, her legs spread. Élise looked back at her, and then, slowly, moved one hand down between her legs.

“Like this, My Lady.” Her fingers moved between her thighs, and found the pink lips of her pussy. She let one finger slide up her crack, until she found the spot that she was seeking, and let it circle there, while the lady watched.

“And as you do that,” the lady mused, “at home in your bed, do you think of knights and heroes and castles and kings and queens and adventure… or do you think of the clumsy hands of the village boys?”

Élise laughed out loud and sat up, “No, My Lady! Not the village boys!”

The lady laughed. “Well, then, we will have to make sure that you find some knights and kings and queens and adventure. But for now, you like how that feels, don’t you?”

Élise moved her hand back between her thighs. “Of course, My Lady.”

“You think that it feels good now? You think that it feels even better when the pleasure builds and… breaks over you?”

“Especially then, My Lady!” Élise agreed, her fingers still circling between her thighs.

“Then I promise you, you will know pleasure far greater – far beyond anything that you can do to yourself, or find in a peasant village…. When you are ready.”

“When I’m ready? You mean when I’m not ashamed?” Élise spread her legs further. “Do I look ashamed?”

The lady smiled, paused, and suddenly clapped her hands twice.

Outside there was scampering, urgent and chaotic, scrambling past the cottage and to the door.

Élise stared at the lady. The scampering stopped at the threshold.

“Enter,” the lady commanded.

The door swung open but before anyone had entered Élise had scrambled across the bed to the far wall, clamped her legs together and dragged a big pillow onto her lap to cover herself.

“Yes,” the lady nodded, as two figures burst into the room, “I would say that you still have a little shame.”

“What!” Élise pointed at the intruders. “What are they?”

The two men stood a little shorter than Élise, perhaps five and a half feet tall. Apart from simple loin cloths, both were naked, and so she could clearly see that their hairy lower legs ended not with human feet, but with cloven hooves. But most obviously, from each shaggy head sprouted a pair of curled horns, like a goat’s.

“They are my servants,” the lady said, as if they such things were perfectly commonplace. “Although, tonight, of course they are here for you.”

“For me?”

“Yes, to banish your shame.”


“I think you know.”

Élise stared at the woman, who stared back, while the two creatures looked on eagerly. Gingerly, she put aside the pillow with which she was covering herself.

“That’s right,” the lady nodded in approval. “Pleasure. No shame.”

Élise took a deep breath, and parted her legs again, moving her hand between her thighs once more. She started to close her eyes, but stopped herself: no shame, she thought, no shame, just enjoy it. The two creatures stared intently, and the lady watched them, and watched Élise.

The girl moved her feet apart a little more, making sure that both of the servants could see clearly, and began to slide her fingers up and down rhythmically. Soon, their loin cloths began to move, the fabric pushed out by swellings between their legs. She slipped her fingers into her moist crack, and sighed. Pushing in deeper she kept her eyes fixed on the lady, who smiled back approvingly, but soon her eyes were drawn to the servants’ loin cloths, which now rose dramatically.

The lady saw her curious gaze, and stood up, stepped forward and unhitched the creatures’ flimsy garments, which dropped to the floor.

“Oh!” Élise gasped. “Oh! They are… huge!”

With a hand on each creature’s buttocks, she pushed them forward, to the edge of the bed. “Take a better look.”

Élise leaned forward and crawled towards the edge of the bed. She reached out towards one of the half-errect shafts, which twitched at her touch. She drew her hand back, but then reached out again, more deliberately, and began to stroke it. The creature growled quietly, as her fingers explored its length, and the shaft grew even larger before her eyes. She smiled, and knelt up, taking the shaft more deliberately in her hand, and reaching out with her other to clasp the other creature’s rod.

As she rubbed at the two, both grew harder, and firmer. After a few minutes, each was twelve inches long, and as hard as a tree branch. She looked up at the lady and giggled, “They are huge!”

“They are,” the lady smiled back. “And… sensitive.”

Élise looked down at the two shafts, as her hands continued pumping up and down. She glanced back at the lady, then back at the creatures, and with a smile she lowered her head.

Still moving her hands, she opened her mouth, and flicked at the tip of one of the huge cocks with her tongue. The creature flinched, and she giggled. She did the same again, and again, enjoying the servant’s reaction. And then she moved across to the other, and repeated her tongue-flicks to tease him. Then back to the first, then to the second again.

The lady looked on approvingly, and after several minutes Élise grew bolder. She let her lips caress the helmet of each hard shaft in turn, moving back and forth between them, and soon let the head of each slide into her mouth. She listened to the growls that each made as she lowered her head each time, and experimented with using her tongue to get the best reactions from them.

One of the two became particularly vocal as she lowered her head each time, and started to push back against her mouth – but then suddenly he stepped back. Élise looked up to see that the lady had stood up and grasped one of his horns, pulling him away from the bed.

“You,” the lady chided him, “are not here for your pleasure. You are here for hers. So kneel for her.”

The creature lowered himself to the floor, and moved hungrily towards her pussy.

She swung her legs over the edge of the bed, and sat with her knees wide apart, waiting for him. His hair and beard tickled her thighs, but his tongue was soft and warm on her pussy lips as he began to probe and lick. “Mmmm – oh yes… yes… oh, there…” she reached down and grabbed his horns, guiding him to her clit, already sensitive from where she had been stroking herself. And then she leaned back, to let him lick at her.

The second servant stood close by, now stroking his own hard shaft, watching as his fellow licked at Élise. She caught his eye, and motioned him to sit down to her left. She reached between his thighs with her own left hand started to stroke him. She enjoyed the feeling of him flinching under her touch, but her eyes remained fixed on the creature between her legs, whose tongue now worked persistently at her swollen bud. She smiled and sighed, feeling the pleasure build.

The lady, now seated again, sat back and watched. She watched the girl’s face flush and twitch as the creature licked at her. And she listened to the breathing, deeper and more intense, of both the servants and their guest.

Élise looked across at the hard cock which she was teasing to her left, so thick, hard and inviting. She leaned across and took it firmly in her right hand, moving her fist in slow, steady strokes up and down the full length. The creature growled deeply, and leaned back to give her better access, and so she leaned across and let her lips envelop the head of the huge cock, sliding her tongue over the big helmet while her hand continued up and down.

With the thick shaft pressing into her mouth, and her pussy aching with the pleasure of the other servant’s tenacious tongue, she lay on her side for blissful minutes, stroking, licking, sucking, and feeling her clit grow harder, her pussy wetter. But the angles were awkward, and so she moved back from the edge of the bed, kneeling on her hands and knees so that she could suck more easily at the thick shaft in front of her.

As she knelt here, her bare ass exposed and her pussy wet, the creature on the floor wasted no time. He swiftly knelt up on the bed, and put her hands on her waist. She could feel his firm grip through the fabric of her bodice, and the fat tip of his huge cock pushing into the crack of her pussy.

He waited for just a moment while she continued to suck his fellow, and the pushed, firmly inside, just an inch. “Mmmm-oh! That is so big!” she giggled, and lowered her head to suck again.

And then another inch. “Mmm-ohhh!”

And then two inches more. “Oh yes!” Now she was not giggling. “That’s huge!”

Three inches more. “Oh yes! Oh!”

And then all the way in, until his hips pushed against her soft ass. “Oh! That’s… not… possible!” Unsure whether to laugh or scream, she looked across to the lady, who smiled back at her.

The servant behind her pulled back, the head of his cock just nestled within the entrance to her wet pussy. Determined not to let go of the shaft in front of her this time, she lowered her head, and clasped her lips around it, as the creature behind pushed forward again. “Mmmmmh!” she kept her lips clasped firmly. “Mmmmmh!… Mmmmmh! … Mmmmmh! … Mmmmmh! … Mmmmmh! … Mmmmmh!… Oh yes!” She pulled her head back, gasped for breath, and greedily returned to the hard shaft before her, while the servant behind settled in to a long, slow rhythm of impossible thrusts.

As he continued to push into her wet pussy, Élise saw, out of the corner of her eye, the lady rise from her chair and approach the bed.

The lady’s hands caressed Élise’s back, and found the bodice’s chords, untying them, and pulling the bodice away.

Élise moved forward, pulling way from the huge shaft filling her from behind, and knelt up. She pulled her chemise over her head, and threw it away. Now completely naked, she looked down at the thick shaft of the creature reclining in front of her, wet from her mouth.

She swung her leg over the creature, facing out into the room, to look the lady in the eye. Clasping the thick cock in one hand, she guided it towards her pussy lips. “Do you think,” she giggled, as she eased it into herself, “that this is what shame looks like?”

The lady sat back down on her chair, and laid the bodice casually aside. “You seem persuasive. So far.”

And so Élise began to ride the big cock, thrusting her hips forward to afford the lady a clear view. This time the huge size of the cock was pure pleasure. She controlled exactly how much she took inside her, and revelled in the feeling of it stretching her. The lady watched every thrust and gyration of Élise’s hips.

So, even more eagerly, did the creature who had been taking her from behind. Growling with lust he stepped up onto the bed, and steadying himself with one hand on the rafters above the bed he thrust his engorged shaft towards Élise’s mouth.

She moved her head aside, so that he brushed against her cheek, and turned to lick it as he pulled back. She had not realised how very wet she must have been. The shaft glistened with her juices, and she could taste herself, heavy and musty, as her tongue toyed with the huge cock.

He laid his rough hand on her head and guided her mouth onto him, breathing heavily, pushing into her, growling as she sucked him while she rode the creature below her.

But again the lady stepped forward, and reached up, taking the servant by the horn, and pulled him down from the bed, onto the floor. “Not your pleasure, remember.”

With a frustrated scowl, the creature knelt down and leaned forward. While Élise rode on one servant’s thick shaft, she let the other crane forward to find her sensitive clit.

She leaned back, steadying herself with her hands on the bed giving him a better easier access, and his tongue dutifully sought out her swollen bud. “Oh – just there!”

The creature beneath her moved his hips, softly, gently thrusting, not forcing too much of himself into her, but letting her feel the regular movement. And he reached up, brushing her sides and stroking up to her breasts, cupping them in his hands while he continued to thrust.

She tilted her head back, and let the pleasure build. The regular thrusts. The diligent licking between her legs. Hands on her breasts. Her breathing quickened, her legs began to tremble. The lady watched her, with a smile.

And then the pleasure burst over her. She muscles clenched around the huge shaft inside her. Her hips jerked forward. The muscles spasmed again. And again, and again, and again, over and over. And still the creature kneeling before her kept his tongue on her clit, driving her orgasm onwards.

When at last it subsided, she slumped back and sideways. The thick cock between her legs slipped out, and she rolled over, onto her front and then onto her back again, and lay on the velvet covers, quivering.

The two creatures rose, one kneeling on the bed, the other standing before her, their cocks still huge and unsatisfied, and they looked down at her trembling naked body.

The lady clapped twice. And the two creatures looked around sharply.

“You are finished. You may leave.”

They looked back at Élise, and then, hopefully, at their mistress.

She raised an eyebrow.

They bowed their heads, scooped up their loin cloths, and scampered, muttering, out of the door, growling with frustration.

The lady walked across to the bed, and sat down next to Élise. She reached down and brushed several locks of hair from the girl’s face. “You look somewhat… dishevelled.”

“But do I look,” she smiled, “ashamed?”

The lady continued to stroke her hair. “No. You look… pleasured!”

“Oh yes! I certainly am!” Élise looked up at her. “You said earlier that you would show me far greater pleasure than I could find in the village. Is that what you meant?”

But before the lady could answer, a sharp knock at the door interrupted them.

“My Lady! My Lady!” an urgent, high-pitched voice sounded from outside.

“Come in!” the lady sighed.

The door swung open, and this time Élise did not flinch or scurry away. She simply laid back while the lady continued to stroke her hair.

The creature who now entered was much less alarming than the rough servants – a petite woman, clad in a short dress the colour of spring leaves. Although not, perhaps, entirely a woman. Her eyes were a vivid yellow, as were the two great butterfly wings which emerged from her back.

“My Lady, My Lady, we have an intruder!”

“Are you certain, Tari? I do not wish to be disturbed needlessly.”

“My Lady, My Lady – very certain! A big and loud and stupid intruder – and I caught him!”

The Lady shook her head. “Very well, lead me to the fool, and we will deal with this.” She looked down at Élise. “Duty beckons.” She stood and walked softly to the door, but turned before she left. “But in answer to your question…. No. That was not what I had in mind. That was just the beginning, though, from your trembling, I gather it was a good beginning.”

“Oh yes,” Élise agreed. “That was unbelievable.”

The Lady smiled. “Well, I promise you something: I will introduce you to far greater pleasures than that!”

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